A Few Words About Us

While each were running their own management firms in 2010, Cindy Ambers and Julie Bloom were introduced by a mutual business associate. What was meant to be a short networking opportunity at a Coffee Bean quickly turned into an afternoon of refelxology. With both their guards down due to the power of a foot massage, the conversation eventually turned to a possible merging of two companies. Ambers and Bloom joined forces a mere two months later in what they called a "non-hostile takover by Ambers" to become the boutique management company ART/WORK ENTERTAINMENT.

The name Art/Work was derived from the idea of merging art and commerce. The company has remained small by design, with an emphasis on giving the artists represented a true client-first experience. This approach coupled with the company philosophy of working as a cohesive unit allows the clients to benefit from the diverse backgrounds and experience of all the managers. Be it actor, writer, comedian, director or some hypenated amalagamation of the four, Art/Work Entertainment works with artists they are truly passionate about.

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